Thinking like an employee is costing you time, money, and freedom

Traditional employment conditions us to be dependent.

When you work for other people, they take care of you. Your paycheck goes into your account and has already been taxed, your 401K has increased, and your company has even covered life insurance. That nice HR person reminds you of the deadline…

How to choose success and not become another failure statistic

Entrepreneurship is a risky business. (Pun intended.)

About 20% of businesses will close in their first year and only 50% will survive past the five-year mark.

And that’s just the actual businesses that close. What about the failure rate of ideas and ventures within a business? Some experts estimate that…

And why making meaningful connections is crucial for your success

Entrepreneurship is an addiction. If you’re predisposed you know it because you are never satisfied by doing things on other people’s terms, for other people’s reasons, or on other people’s schedules.

This isn’t very common.

According to The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 10% of Americans are classified as…

Sarah Duran

Sarah is the Founder of Fruition Initiatives. She helps people and organizations reach their highest potential.

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